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Clear vision is very important while driving. Clear vision ensures safety while driving. But if you are driving at night, your vision gets affected in many ways. The most serious problem due to night driving is the glare from traffic lights and headlights. Night glare generally occurs due to either bright light or dim light and it can often affect your vision. However, there are several measures and ways you can follow to deal with glare while driving at night.

What Causes Glare?

Glare occurs when the light enters your eyes and it destructs your vision. But there are several reasons that can cause glare such as the following:

  • Age: As you get older, your eyes become more sensitive to light and you need more time to adjust to different variations of light. As a result, your chances of experiencing glare increase as you get older.
  • Light coloured eyes: If you have light coloured eyes, you may have high chance of seeing glares.
  • Eye diseases: Eye diseases and other eye problems such as dry eyes can cover the natural lens of your lens. Thus, you see glares.
  • Cataract: As you get older, you may develop a cataract and this can lead to glare.
  • LASIK or a refractive surgery: If you have undergone a Lasik or a refractive surgery, then you may see glare for a few months following the procedure.
  • Eye examination: During an eye exam, the pupil will be dilated and the light can easily go through the outer layer of the lens. Due to this, the light gets refracted and it causes glare.

Treatment for Eye Glares

Before determining a treatment solution, the doctor will conduct an eye exam. The eye exam is used to determine the cause of glare. Based on the results, the doctor will suggest the right treatment for you. The possible treatment options include:

  • Use of glasses or contact lenses to improve the vision
  • Use of prescription lenses with anti-reflective coating
  • Use of eye drops
  • Treating your cataract

What Steps Can I Take to Deal with Glare

The following measures can help you deal with glare:

  • Have good nutritional food to improve the functioning of the retina
  • Consume green leafy vegetables, eggs, corn, etc that contain lutein and zeaxanthin. These supplements can help you tolerate the glaring light
  • Always keep the windshield of your car clean
  • Adjust the car mirrors so that you experience less glare and can easily view the vehicles from the side and rear mirrors
  • You should avoid viewing the headlights of incoming vehicles directly
  • Always turn off the car interior lights
  • Use low beam light for your headlights
  • Use night driving glasses while driving at night
  • Schedule an eye exam with your doctor every year to ensure that your vision is perfect

Trouble Seeing Due to Glare? Doctors at Think Eye Hospital Can Help You

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