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Eye injuries are common in children as they stay active all the time playing outdoors and indoors. Most of the eye injuries can be minor. But, some eye injuries can be serious and even lead to blindness in children. There can be several causes for eye injuries in children. However, knowing the common signs and how to prevent them can help avoid serious eye problems in children.

Common Eye Injuries in Children and Their Preventive Measures

The following are some of the common eye injuries in children:

  • Chemical exposure: Children may get exposed to various chemicals such as detergents, pesticides, bleach, etc. If your child gets exposed to chemicals and they enter into the eyes, they can sometimes lead to vision loss. The extent of eye injury is based on type, the quantity of chemical, and how deep the chemical has spread into the eyes.

       To prevent chemical exposure burns in children, follow the below tips:

  • Keep all the chemicals in a place where your child cannot reach them
  • Ensure your child wears protective wear such as googles while doing a project using some chemicals
  • Ensure to buy safe household products. Using less toxic chemicals at home can help avoid chemicals splashing into your child’s eye
  • Trauma to the eye: It is a common type of eye injury in children during school days and teenage. Eye trauma can sometimes be minor and in some cases, it can be very serious and can cause blindness. Children who play sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, etc. are at risk of having eye injuries. Even car accidents and falls can also cause eye trauma in children.

A trauma to the eye can lead to:

  • Corneal abrasions: Corneal abrasions are also common eye injuries in children. If any dirt, or sand enters the eyes, it can also lead to corneal abrasions. In most cases, corneal abrasions are not serious but can lead to serious issues in rare cases.
  • Black Eye: The Black eye is also known as ecchymosis. It can occur due to a head or face injury where the skin under the eye swells and bruises. It can also occur when some objects strike the face.

The following measures can help save your child from having trauma to the eye:

  • Make sure that your child wears proper eyewear while playing
  • Install baby gates at home to prevent falls
  • Ensure your child’s seatbelt is always buckled
  • If you have a young child, keep sharp objects and tools away from the child. If you have older kids, caution them to handle tools carefully
  • Tell your child to avoid throwing sand, dust, or dirt while playing
  • Teach your child to not rub his/her eyes when something enters the eyes
  • Always let your child wear a seatbelt to avoid the risk of a black eye from a car accident
  • Ensure your child wears safety gear such as eyeglasses, headgear with a face shield, etc. during sports

What To Do If My Child Injures His/her Eye?

If your child has injured his eye, it is important to visit an ophthalmologist at the earliest possible to avoid serious issues. While seeking medical attention, keep the following things in mind:

  • Stay calm and do not panic. If you panic and get upset, even your child may get scared
  • Do not apply pressure on the injured eye
  • Do not touch or rub the injured eye
  • Avoid trying to remove the object stuck in your child’s eye
  • Avoid applying ointments or medications to the eye without a doctor’s approval
  • Cover the puncture wound
  • If chemicals have entered your child’s eye, splash with water

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